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Car insurance companies have figured out a way to charge you more for your car insurance after you have had an accident that was NOT your fault. That's right. Raise your rates if another guy hits you.

More and more auto insurance companies in Oregon are adopting a method by which they can charge their own insureds, that's right their own customers, more money when they get in an auto accident that wasn't their fault. It is against Oregon Insurance Division rules for a car insurance company to charge you points for a non-fault accident. The way they get around it, however, is by removing an Accident-Free or Claim-Free discount.

Some insurance carriers are so bold as to CHARGE YOU for a PRIOR PIP CLAIM. PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection. Oregon is unique in that every auto policy sold must have medical coverage for the passengers. It goes on to cover medical benefits for any household member who is involved in an automobile related accident. That passenger doesn't even have to be in his or her own car or one belonging to someone on the policy. No, it is ANY car.

Auto carriers are citing increased costs of medical claims under the PIP coverage as the reason for the sky-rocketing auto insurance rates over the last couple of years. That's why they are attempting to target those who use their policies to claim PIP benefits. They take away a discount. The discount usually applies to all the cars on the entire policy. So, if you have four cars on your policy and the discount is say 20%, you could see as much as a $450 increase for six months. That's $900 a year. That really happened to one of my customers! Stopped at a stoplight and BOOM! Rear ended! Not their fault. Now they are paying an extra $450 every six months for an accident that they didn't even cause.


If this happens to you, be sure that when you go to settle with the other insurance company who is responsible for reimbursing your medical bills and paying you for ongoing care, pain and suffering, that you also include a demand that they pay you for increased cost to your car insurance for the next 5 years! Yes, 5 years. Most carriers don't give the discount back for being claim-free or accident free for 5 years. And, in the example from above, that's $4500 in extra insurance costs.

I need to send the my payment in before the end of this month and I wanna send it in with money order, and my question is on the money order "pay to the order of" who do I make the payment out to?????? My car insurance is Bristol Foremost insurance??

David A

alphinia-girls-15-smallHi David,

Yes. Write in the name of the insurance company. It is confusing because Bristol West has gone through a lot of name changes. Their bank will recognize any one of the names of Foremost, Bristol West or Coast National. It doesn't matter which one of those names you write on the "pay to the order of" line. Just be sure somewhere on the front of the money order in a blank area you write the complete policy number. That way they can identify your account if it gets separated from your payment stub. It's a really good idea to include the payment stub in the envelope they provide. If you don't have the stub nor the mailing envelope then it might be better this time to pay through the agent.

Thanks for the great question!

alphinia girlUsually a couple shares an auto policy. If one spouse hits another with one of the cars on the policy, injuries would be paid out of personal injury protection. Bodily injury would most likely not apply to avoid a couple intentionally causing an accident to profit from the loss. Lost wages, medical bills and essential services are about all an injured spouse may claim after an accident caused by the other. Damage to property is covered if one or both cars have physical damage coverage. A deductible would apply to both cars. If one or both of the cars have liability only, then the couple will be responsible for paying for the damage out of pocket.

It would be additionally difficult for the couple who collide if each spouse has his or her own policy and with different insurance companies. The at-fault spouse's insurance company will discover the other injured or damaged party is related by marriage. Most auto insurance contracts call for all eligible autos in the same household to be covered by the same company to avoid conflicts in settling claims. An insurer can deny a claim when it is discovered there are multiple companies represented in the same house. It's a good idea to keep all cars and drivers on the same policy living in the same household.

Selling your car or truck in Oregon is a big deal. You've got to get the paperwork right the first time or you could pay the price later on. Here is a list of the worst things people do when they sell a car, truck, motorcycle or van registered in Oregon to a private party:

1. Forget to print the name in ink of the buyer of the vehicle on the back of the REGISTRATION and turn it into the Oregon DMV.

2. Forget to sign the back of the TITLE as seller, date, and print the name and address of the buyer.

3. Forget to clean out the car of all identifying paperwork.

4. Promising to extend your auto insurance to the new buyer giving them time to purchase their own.

5. Carry the contract to finance the purchase of a car and refuse to sign over the title until the car is paid for.

Let's look at these in in a little more detail.

haunted-houseI was just asked to help in the investigation of a bank robbery. It appears that a former auto insurance customer somehow left her insurance papers in a car she sold in the glove box of a car. The documents were from 2009. Now, in 2013 a bank robber used that document to write a demand note on the back to hand to the teller. Now that customer is being implicated in the robbery as an accomplice. I'm sure she'll be exonerated, but, the hassle and defense costs will be enormous.

It's a really good idea to clean out your car before you sell it of any sort of document that might be used against you at a future date.

stop-sign-parking-lot-sunsetProspective Client: I want to get a quote for car insurance.

Oregon Auto Insurance Agent: Is the car you want to insure registered to your name?

Prospective Client: No, I just want to insure it.

Oregon Auto Insurance Agent: Oregon law and most car insurance companies require that the owner of the vehicle be listed as owner of the policy or at least an authorized listed driver on the policy.

Prospective Client: But it's my car.

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