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I need to send the my payment in before the end of this month and I wanna send it in with money order, and my question is on the money order "pay to the order of" who do I make the payment out to?????? My car insurance is Bristol Foremost insurance??

David A

alphinia-girls-15-smallHi David,

Yes. Write in the name of the insurance company. It is confusing because Bristol West has gone through a lot of name changes. Their bank will recognize any one of the names of Foremost, Bristol West or Coast National. It doesn't matter which one of those names you write on the "pay to the order of" line. Just be sure somewhere on the front of the money order in a blank area you write the complete policy number. That way they can identify your account if it gets separated from your payment stub. It's a really good idea to include the payment stub in the envelope they provide. If you don't have the stub nor the mailing envelope then it might be better this time to pay through the agent.

Thanks for the great question!

Buying a new car is an exciting but stressful experience. It's best to be prepared before you even leave home to start your journey from one dealership lot to another. Beside figuring out which car you want and if it is going to fit into your budget, you must decide which additional insurance options you want. The cost of the car can increase dramatically when you add on the interest charges and so many optional benefits that can be financed into the payments. Let's look at these options.

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How to get your car out of Impound

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Okay. So you got pulled over by the police. You got a ticket for driving with no insurance. Worse yet, you got a ticket for driving while suspended. In Oregon, a police officer has the authority to have your car towed from the point where you were detained, leaving you stranded. Yep, walking home, calling for a ride. Embarrassing, huh?

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How to get an Oregon SR-22

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First, be sure you need an Oregon SR-22. Usually, you need an insurance policy with SR22 in Oregon because somewhere along the way you have been convicted of driving with no insurance, had an accident (at-fault or not) involving no insurance, been convicted of a major infraction like DUI, or had your car randomly selected from the DMV database as not having insurance. Do any of these apply?

People love to save money on car insurance. Understanding that it is a privilege to drive on the streets and highways of Oregon also means people understand this privilege comes with certain costs and responsibilities. Buying an Oregon auto insurance policy is one of those costs. Drivers are responsible for the injury or damage they may cause in an accident. The way a driver can demonstrate he will take responsibility in an accident is by purchasing insurance which will pay the other guy whose car gets hit. There are so many ways to help reduce the cost of auto insurance in Oregon. This list will help you understand what insurance companies are looking for in order to reward you with lower rates.

1. Shop Around

Prices vary from company to company, so it pays to shop around. Get at least three price quotes. You can call companies directly or access information on the Internet. Get quotes from different types of insurance companies. Some sell through their own agents. These agencies have the same name as the insurance company. Some sell through independent agents who offer policies from several insurance companies. Others do not use agents. They sell directly to consumers over the phone or via the Internet. Don't shop price alone. Ask friends and relatives for their recommendations. Pick an agent or company representative that takes the time to answer your questions.

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