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Can Online Auto Insurance Companies Really Save Me Hundreds of Dollars on My Car Insurance in Oregon?

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alphinia girlsYou are probably asking yourself, "How can so many car insurance companies advertise and claim they can save me so much on my car insurance if I switch my policy to them?" That's an excellent question if you are a sharp and savvy car insurance shopper.

If every auto insurance company makes that promise, which car insurance company are they comparing themselves to? Is there an auto insurance carrier out there which purposely charges $459 more a year so the rest can make that claim?


Another great car insurance commercial I like is the one where you can get rates as low as $30 a month. Where? For what driver? Maybe in some small town in Nebraska for liability only on an old beat-up Pinto! But you live in Oregon. Don't get sucked into those claims without doing your research.

Oregon has four mandatory auto insurance coverages. Other states might have two and so the car insurance company can offer the policy for less. Costs to settle mandatory Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims in Oregon are skyrocketing. The car insurance companies are even charging you more for having had a PIP claim in the last three years, regardless of whether you were at fault or not. And since the State of Oregon requires that car insurance companies provide for you and all your passengers with medical coverage, they cannot afford to give everyone a policy for $30 a month.

Another Oregon mandatory auto insurance coverage is Uninsured Motorist Coverage. You must pay in advance for the possibility that someone might hit you that doesn't have insurance. So you are essentially paying for the insurance to cover medical bills if someone else is at fault but has failed to pay for their own insurance. The number of uninsured drivers in Oregon is on the rise and crosses all driver demographics. This puts an undue burden on those who wish to follow the Oregon Insurance Laws and on the car insurance companies who cover them.

You should shop around. Get at least three good Oregon car insurance quotes before you make a decision. Don't take the first one that sounds good without first asking if the one giving you the quote has a valid Oregon Insurance Agent's license. He or she should be able to give you the Oregon agent license number. Then, make sure the agent checks your credit, driving record and C.L.U.E. report before giving you the final number. A quote is just a number until it has been verified. You don't want any surprises after you have given the agent your credit card and you find the policy was issued at a higher rate.

It is standard practice for the direct and online companies to have you enter into the computer or give over the phone what you believe or remember to be your your driving record. If you fail to disclose every ticket or accident you may later be penalized for failure to reveal all of your driving record. They don't want to have to pay for the driving and claim reports until after they have your credit card. They do not automatically check your record to verify all of your tickets and accidents until after you have purchased the policy. And they will surcharge you for failure to disclose all your record. No wonder so many people switch back to an independent insurance agent after trying out the online and direct companies. The insurance companies make us check the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) driving record and C.L.U.E. report at our expense before we can give you a quote. Nine times out of ten the policy will be issued exactly as quoted. There are some exceptions when the driver may have a driving history from multiple states that wasn't revealed in the initial quote.

Check the A.M. Best rating of the car insurance company you are getting the quote from. It should have a rating of B stable or better. Any score less than B or trending downward can lead to an uncovered or delayed claim should the insurance company fail at the time you have a loss.

Buy from an Independent Agent. Why? Because he or she is not obligated to any one company and will do a better job at finding the right coverage and price to meet your needs. Price is not everything. You do get what you pay for!

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