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Why Buy From an Independent Agent in Oregon

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Independence. It's a word that gets thrown about with beneficial properties. For one to be independent implies choices. You get the feeling of freedom. Free to grow, free to choose, free to learn. With that independence one might feel a little be lonely. There is an aspect to independence that begs for solitude. When it comes to buying auto insurance, you are independent to choose the company, coverages and agents you want and need. But, you are never alone.

Independent agents don't work alone. Independence for the agent means we can contract with several insurance companies. That means if one insurance company goes bad or raises their rates, we can respond and move your account to a company who deserves your business. You don't have to leave our office just because we only represent one company. We stand strong with other independent agents. The companies we do choose to represent trust us to work with them and pay us to service your account. We own our own businesses. We are not dictated to by the insurance companies. We must follow the underwriting guidelines and Oregon state laws and rules, but we use our own ingenuity and creativity to find the best way to insure you and save you money.

Why buy car insurance from an independent auto insurance agent in Oregon? Most people in Oregon are looking for low cost auto insurance. Quotes online are the fastest way to get auto insurance prices. If you are really smart, you can even manage your policy online. Phone calls to an 800 number to make changes, payments and ask questions may be just what you like. But, sometimes you just want to be able to walk in to an office and ask questions and get quotes, face-to-face.

InsureSource Agencies can help you find the best rates for your car. If you are shopping around for cheap rates in Oregon, you are at the right place. You can work with us online, on the phone or in person. If you need an insurance identification card quick, we can email, fax or print one for you right in the office. SR22 is no problem.  We can now email you a certificate if you have a printer and take it directly into the DMV closest to you. Be ready to pay reinstatement fees, take the Oregon drivers license test and register your car with your proof of insurance.

At each renewal of your car insurance policy, we can review your car insurance contract and compare prices again with the insurance companies we represent just to be sure you have the best insurance plan. Not too many other insurance agencies, independent or captive, are willing or able to do that. Requote every six months! Just to make sure you are happy. Most agents are concerned principally with sales of new policies, getting new customers and often the existing customer get neglected. Yes, we are open for new customers to replace those whose needs have changed and find another source for their insurance, but we rely mostly on those customers we already have to continue to be our loyal customers for a very long time.

Thank you for being that client supportive of the independent agent! We sincerely appreciate your business.

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