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What is the Approximate Cost of SR-22 Insurance in Oregon? Featured

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The reason why you are reading this blog post is because:Here is the cost of an SR22 in Oregon

A. You are bored and just randomly exploring the Internet,

B. You have gotten a ticket for no insurance and you got a letter that says you have to have and SR22 and you wanna know what the heck that is, how to get one and what's it going to cost,

C. You are working on a paper for high school, or

D. You love taking quizzes.

Man, if you randomly stuck "SR22 insurance in Oregon" in your search engine and you got this blog post, you really need to find something more interesting to explore, say, quantum physics or UFOs or something. If you are doing a research paper for a high school or college class, I welcome you. But, mamas, please don't let your baby's grow up to be insurance agents! If you like taking quizzes, then you are among friends. Especially the multiple choice ones.

Click here now to find out how much an SR22 costs for you.

However, if you really are here because you got one of those scary letters from the Oregon DMV that says you must have an SR-22 certificate or your driving privileges could be suspended, then you have come to the right place. READ ON!

First question most people who get that letter ask: "How much is that gonna cost me?" The true answer is: Free or little cost! Yep, I said free! The better question is: "How much is the auto insurance gonna cost?" The answer to that is: Depends!


The approximate cost of SR22 auto insurance in Oregon is between $50 and $500 a month, depending on how bad your driving record is, what kind of car you have, whether you need full coverage, your age, your gender, your marital status and your zip code. The auto insurance companies in Oregon also check credit and claims history not found on your motor vehicle report. These variables or factors are used by auto insurance companies in Oregon to determine the cost of your insurance. What SR22 does is guarantee that you will maintain an auto insurance policy active for at least three years.

Again you ask, "How much does the SR22 portion of the car insurance cost?" Nothing! or nearly nothing! Or at least it should cost little or nothing to file the SR22 certificate for you. SR22 is just a piece of paper. It's usually about 3 inches by 5 inches. The SR22 certificate has to say "Original" on it. It must be signed by an agent or officer of the auto insurance company from whom you are buying the car insurance. Companies charge between $0 and $20 to tack on the SR-22 filing. Companies like Foremost and Progressive Insurance just charges about a 5% surcharge for filing the SR-22 for you, so the charge for the certificate varies with them based on how much your policy costs.

If you find your insurance company or the one you are getting quotes from seems a little high then you should ask what portion of that charge is just the cost of filing the SR22. You could ask, "How much would this auto insurance cost me if I didn't need SR22?" The answers might be kinda interesting. Just ask them to quote it for you both ways, with and without. Then subtract the "without" quote from the "with" quote. The difference is what you get charged for the SR22. Oh, and be sure and ask if you can pick up the certificate in the office so you can take it with you to the DMV. If you are trying to buy online or over the phone, figure in that it will take days if not weeks for them to mail the SR22 filing to the DMV in Salem, Oregon. Buying from a local agent whose office sits right next door to the DMV takes the aggravation out of purchasing and SR22 and getting it delivered to the DMV.

Happy shopping. Happy searching. And, happy quiz taking! And if you want to get a quote now from us to see just how much you can save on your SR22 auto insurance, click here.

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