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Auto FAQ's

Q: What is an SR-22 Certificate?

A: An SR-22 certificate is a form or piece of paper which demonstrates that you have auto insurance. The State of Oregon can make sure that you maintain liability insurance by having your insurance company submit on a regular basis proof that you are insured. The Oregon DMV may require you to file an SR-22 certificate if you were involved in one or more of the following:

  • Driving under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs DUI (drunk driving),
  • serious moving violations such as reckless driving or eluding police,
  • in an accident while uninsured (at-fault or not),
  • driving uninsured (most common).

Regulations vary from state to state, but drivers required to provide this proof of minimum insurance must do so by turning in an SR-22 certificate for at least three years. Just because you are not a resident of Oregon and are visiting here does not keep you from needing an SR22 in Oregon. You might have to ask your insurance company from the state in which you reside to send in an SR22 Certificate to the State of Oregon just to keep your driving privileges in your home state. You will need your Oregon seven digit account number to give to your insurance company so they may be able to properly complete and submit your Oregon SR22 filing.

wonder why insurance tied to creditCredit and Insurance. What does one have to do with the other? If you have bad credit your auto insurance will cost more in Oregon. If you have no credit, even worse. It's a good idea to establish some kind of credit if you have none.

How do you get credit? You have to take out a credit card. Debit card doesn't count. Must be a credit card like VISA or MasterCard. Then buy something with it or pay a bill. Then, take a couple months to pay it off. Just don't get used to using the card. You want to be able to show on the credit bureau reports that you are creditworthy; if you borrow something, that you give it back!

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