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alphinia girlUsually a couple shares an auto policy. If one spouse hits another with one of the cars on the policy, injuries would be paid out of personal injury protection. Bodily injury would most likely not apply to avoid a couple intentionally causing an accident to profit from the loss. Lost wages, medical bills and essential services are about all an injured spouse may claim after an accident caused by the other. Damage to property is covered if one or both cars have physical damage coverage. A deductible would apply to both cars. If one or both of the cars have liability only, then the couple will be responsible for paying for the damage out of pocket.

It would be additionally difficult for the couple who collide if each spouse has his or her own policy and with different insurance companies. The at-fault spouse's insurance company will discover the other injured or damaged party is related by marriage. Most auto insurance contracts call for all eligible autos in the same household to be covered by the same company to avoid conflicts in settling claims. An insurer can deny a claim when it is discovered there are multiple companies represented in the same house. It's a good idea to keep all cars and drivers on the same policy living in the same household.

Selling your car or truck in Oregon is a big deal. You've got to get the paperwork right the first time or you could pay the price later on. Here is a list of the worst things people do when they sell a car, truck, motorcycle or van registered in Oregon to a private party:

1. Forget to print the name in ink of the buyer of the vehicle on the back of the REGISTRATION and turn it into the Oregon DMV.

2. Forget to sign the back of the TITLE as seller, date, and print the name and address of the buyer.

3. Forget to clean out the car of all identifying paperwork.

4. Promising to extend your auto insurance to the new buyer giving them time to purchase their own.

5. Carry the contract to finance the purchase of a car and refuse to sign over the title until the car is paid for.

Let's look at these in in a little more detail.

haunted-houseI was just asked to help in the investigation of a bank robbery. It appears that a former auto insurance customer somehow left her insurance papers in a car she sold in the glove box of a car. The documents were from 2009. Now, in 2013 a bank robber used that document to write a demand note on the back to hand to the teller. Now that customer is being implicated in the robbery as an accomplice. I'm sure she'll be exonerated, but, the hassle and defense costs will be enormous.

It's a really good idea to clean out your car before you sell it of any sort of document that might be used against you at a future date.

stop-sign-parking-lot-sunsetProspective Client: I want to get a quote for car insurance.

Oregon Auto Insurance Agent: Is the car you want to insure registered to your name?

Prospective Client: No, I just want to insure it.

Oregon Auto Insurance Agent: Oregon law and most car insurance companies require that the owner of the vehicle be listed as owner of the policy or at least an authorized listed driver on the policy.

Prospective Client: But it's my car.

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Making a Change to Your Policy

Thank you!

You are the reason we are in the auto insurance business! Thank you for your loyalty. Please let us know how we can serve you better. We are always looking for insurance companies that use the latest electronic technologies to make the insurance buying and service experience as pleasant as possible. Serving you from our conveniently located Gresham, Oregon office in East Multnomah County makes it easy for you to get to our office at the corner of Powell and 182nd Avenue.

Call us for changes to your policy: 503-693-2852


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Call your insurance company or go online to make changes if you would like to make the changes directly with your insurance company. Many insurance companies will let you make changes right over the phone. And, some of the let you create an account and make certain changes your self.

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Make a Payment on Your Policy

Insurance companies have now made it so easy to make payments on auto insurance policies. Here is a list of the different methods of payment:

  • Cash in the agents office,
  • e-Check in the agents office,
  • Credit or debit card in the agents office,
  • Money order in the agents office,
  • Money order by mail,
  • Check by mail,
  • Electronic funds transfer from checking,
  • Electronic funds transfer from savings,
  • Electronic funds transfer from credit or debit,
  • Website payment with e-check and savings,
  • Website payment with credit or debit card.

Since you are reading this online, you will probably enjoy the convenience of paying online. Look for your insurance company listed below. It should take you to your company's website where you can make a payment with an electronic check or credit card. If you find your company doesn't take payments on line, a phone number will appear that you can call with your credit card. Always have your policy number and credit card or check ready.

If you are interested in setting up your policy to have payments automatically drawn from your account, just call us at 503-693-2852 or email us. We'll be happy to send you the forms you need to fill out to have your payments taken electronically on the same day each month.

Kemper Specialty (Unitrin) - Alpha Property and Casualty

Foremost - Bristol West

Commerce West - MAPFRE


Dairyland - Viking

Arizona Automobile Insurance Company - Legacy Insurance Services

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Directory of Locations of the Oregon DMV

Beaverton - 14250 SW Allen Blvd.

Clackamas - 8428 SE Sunnyside Rd.

Gladstone - 10 82nd Dr.

Gresham - 2222 E. Powell Blvd.

Hillsboro - 1300 SW Oak

Lake Oswego - 3 Monroe Pkwy. #V

Portland, Test Drive Center - 8710 SE Powell Blvd.

Portland, Lloyd Center - 990 Lloyd Center

Portland, North - 8260 N. Interstate

Portland, Northeast - 1836 NE 82nd Ave.

Portland, West - 1502 SW Sixth

Sandy - 37395 Hwy. 26

Sherwood - 14240 SW Galbreath Dr.

St Helens - 500 N. Columbia Hwy.

Tanasbourne - 185th & Cornell Rd.

The general telephone number for the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles is 503-299-9999. Most of your questions can be answered at this telephone number. Have your drivers license number ready when calling.

First, congratulations and welcome! There are several things to be aware of when you move to our state and prepare to join us on the road:

It is illegal to drive in Oregon without insurance. The police of the State of Oregon do not care that you are visiting our fine state. If you are driving on our streets and highways without insurance, you will be treated just like any other resident of this state. YOU WILL GET YOUR CAR IMPOUNDED AND TOWED! You just might be leaving our beautiful state on a train or in a bus and decide that Oregon isn't for you. But, if you decide to stay, read on:

Minimum insurance limits may be higher in Oregon than in the state you lived in before - that means your insurance will probably cost more.

Motorcyclists are required to wear helmets.

You have 30 days to transfer your license to an Oregon license.

Oregon wants you to register your vehicle within 30 days.

Your car must pass our clean air standards by taking your car to a DEQ air quality check station.

Auto insurance buyers are shocked at how much car insurance costs here in Oregon. If you are moving to Oregon, you may find that this state has higher minimum insurance laws. You must have $25,000 per person ($50,000 per accident) for Bodily Injury, $20,000 for Property Damage, $15,000 Personal Injury Protection PIP, and $25,000 per person ($50,000 per accident) Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Protection. Many states have lower limits and don't require uninsured motorist or PIP so therefore have generally lower insurance rates. When you call around for the first time for an auto insurance quote, you might be in for a bit of sticker shock. It is possible that the rates also reflect that there are more crashes, higher litigation costs, and differences in the cost of repairs than the state you came from.

The law in Oregon requires you to transfer your license to this state within 30 days. You will need to locate the nearest Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and make an appointment to take a computerized test for Oregon. Yes, a test. If you have a valid license from another state and that state has a reciprocal agreement with Oregon, you will not need to take a physical driving test. If there is no agreement, you will have to prove your driving skills too. You will need to bring documentation proving your Oregon address, your social security card, original birth certificate or valid passport with an unexpired visa, and your fees. Starting February 4, 2008, you must prove that you are a U.S. citizen, a permanent resident or some other status that demonstrates that you are living here legally. If not, you will be denied even an ID card.

The Oregon DMV also states that you have 30 days to license and register your car. To do that, you will need to be able to prove your address (bring a piece of mail that has been sent to you at your new address), have your social security card or passport with an unexpired Visa, proof of insurance with valid limits in the state of Oregon, Certificate of Compliance from the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) stating that your car has passed certain tests for clean air, and your fees. Please see our Locate DMV section or visit their website for current requirements.

Oregon law states that all road approved motorcycles require everyone on the motorcycle to wear helmets. This applies as soon as you hit our freeways or back roads. You've got to have a helmet on and you must have valid insurance.

In this State of Oregon, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is centralized and run by the State. You will handle all of your licensing and registering of your car in one place. Please see this link for the DMV nearest to you.

A certificate with a passing score from the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) must be turned in when you register your car. This test measures the limits of pollutants your vehicle emits to the environment, and must also be completed at each renewal.

We hope that this helps answer some of your concerns about moving to Oregon. Welcome!

Our office is located in the Powell Vista Shopping Center across from McMenamins Highland Pub.

The address is:

4239 SE 182nd Avenue, Gresham, Oregon 97030

From east bound Powell Blvd., turn left at 182nd and then left again past Mcmenamins.

From west bound Powll Blvd., turn right at 182nd or the first right into the shopping and follow along in front of the plaza businesses nearly to the end (Pulse Insurance).

From 182nd, turn right before McMenamins Highland pub (next to the Goodwill Donation Center).

Call InsureSource Agencies for additional help to find our office:


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