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alphinia girlsYou are probably asking yourself, "How can so many car insurance companies advertise and claim they can save me so much on my car insurance if I switch my policy to them?" That's an excellent question if you are a sharp and savvy car insurance shopper.

If every auto insurance company makes that promise, which car insurance company are they comparing themselves to? Is there an auto insurance carrier out there which purposely charges $459 more a year so the rest can make that claim?

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Driving, Talking and Texting in Oregon

Driving Distracted. That's what it is called when you are operating a motor vehicle and doing something else that takes your attention away from the road. Putting on make up. Shaving. Yes, I have actually seen guys with their cordless shavers exceeding the speed limit, late for work, looking in the rear view mirror to make sure they don't miss a spot. Reaching in the bag and looking for that last french fry. Changing the radio station or searching for a song on a CD. Smoking. All of this MONKEY BUSINESS and more pull your attention away from the most important activity that requires your complete attention.

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General FAQ's

Q: Why buy insurance in Oregon from an independent agent?

A: By purchasing insurance from an independent agent, the policyholder receives more personal, one-on-one service. An agent with whom there is direct contact can be vital when purchasing a policy and helpful when filing a claim.

It is also important to note that many insurance carriers offer direct policies as well as operate through independent agents, all under the same name. Please be careful! This does not mean that you get the same rate from the same insurance company or the same service. Often you find the price of the direct version of the company is more expensive than if you buy through an agent. Be sure to shop both and weigh the benefits before you make a decision. Ask yourself how much those direct insurance company television ads cost! And if you are desperate for an identification card, SR22 certificate, to make a late payment or make a change to your policy, you can walk right into a local independent agent office and take care of business.

Q: When can I start my insurance?

A: In most cases immediately. We offer instant coverage on all types of personal auto, recreational vehicle and home policies. A policy can be requested to start on the same day or anytime in the future. Back-dating is illegal--don't even ask! Commercial and life policies may experience a slight delay, depending on the time of day the quote is requested.

Q: How do I make payments?

A: There are a number of easy ways to make payments:

Check by phone or mail,

MasterCard, VISA, or

Money Order by mail.

You can also call us on the phone or pay at our location and we will upload it for you. No cash or personal checks please. We can use your check and process it electronically like a debit card. Funds must be in the account.

Q: How and why would I get cancelled?

A: The three most common reasons for cancellation are for non-payment of the insurance premium, too many claims or losses and undisclosed information. When you apply for a policy you agree to pay a certain amount for your insurance policy. If you fail to pay the whole amount or keep up with the payments, the company cannot continue to insure you. When you applied for the policy the company asked for certain bits of information. If you failed to provide all of the information that is pertinent to the reason to accept you and the company later finds out you didn't disclose all the information, they can cancel you. And, if you have more claims, losses, driving record occurrences or your credit goes bad, the company can non-renew you policy. Moving to another state or selling the property might get your policy cancelled.

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Auto FAQ's

Q: What is an SR-22 Certificate?

A: An SR-22 certificate is a form or piece of paper which demonstrates that you have auto insurance. The State of Oregon can make sure that you maintain liability insurance by having your insurance company submit on a regular basis proof that you are insured. The Oregon DMV may require you to file an SR-22 certificate if you were involved in one or more of the following:

  • Driving under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs DUI (drunk driving),
  • serious moving violations such as reckless driving or eluding police,
  • in an accident while uninsured (at-fault or not),
  • driving uninsured (most common).

Regulations vary from state to state, but drivers required to provide this proof of minimum insurance must do so by turning in an SR-22 certificate for at least three years. Just because you are not a resident of Oregon and are visiting here does not keep you from needing an SR22 in Oregon. You might have to ask your insurance company from the state in which you reside to send in an SR22 Certificate to the State of Oregon just to keep your driving privileges in your home state. You will need your Oregon seven digit account number to give to your insurance company so they may be able to properly complete and submit your Oregon SR22 filing.

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Auto Claim Response Time

We live in a fast paced society. News travels around the world at the speed of light. A hamburger can be prepared or is waiting for you from the time it takes to pay for it and when you pull to the next window. Who knew that texting someone in Indiana from your phone in Oregon could get you a response in seconds on an important issue even while both parties are in a meeting. We come to expect speed and efficiency from our technology and from business. Why should filing and settling an auto insurance claim be any different?

You've heard the old saying: "You get what you pay for." Sometimes that really is true, even when it comes to car insurance. What are you paying for with car insurance? Peace of mind? Yes. Proof of insurance to show the police? Yes. A piece of paper to show the other guy you just got in a car accident with? That too.

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Oregon Auto Insurance Buyers Guide

Here are the things you should know before you buy auto insurance:

  • Decide whether you want to buy from a local agent or direct online or over the phone.
  • Whether you need full coverage or liability.
  • How is the service of the agent and company after the sale?
  • How long has the agent or company been in business and are they planning on staying around a while or will they be sold out or merged with another company?
  • How stable have the rates been?
  • What fees are included in the price of the insurance?
  • What discounts are allowed by the company and am I getting those discounts?

Whether you are a young driver of your first car or a seasoned operator of a high value vehicle, buying insurance can be a tedious task, not to mention confusing. Oregon State law says that all cars must have insurance while parked or traveling on Oregon streets, roads, highways and freeways. What's even more important to know is that your car has to be insured, running or not if it is propely registered with the Oregon DMV. Yes, even if your car is broken down and in the shop, it has to have insurance on it by you the owner. That seems unfair if you aren't driving it. Here are some 'what ifs' to consider:

wonder why insurance tied to creditCredit and Insurance. What does one have to do with the other? If you have bad credit your auto insurance will cost more in Oregon. If you have no credit, even worse. It's a good idea to establish some kind of credit if you have none.

How do you get credit? You have to take out a credit card. Debit card doesn't count. Must be a credit card like VISA or MasterCard. Then buy something with it or pay a bill. Then, take a couple months to pay it off. Just don't get used to using the card. You want to be able to show on the credit bureau reports that you are creditworthy; if you borrow something, that you give it back!

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Quote Accuracy

get accurate quoteA new customer from Beaverton, Oregon came in to buy insurance today that I quoted about three days ago. He told me about how he'd been shopping around since he got my quote from companies he found through searches and banners he clicked on while surfing online. His best quote was initially from one of the big television, radio, billboard and online companies. He gave the agent on the phone his entire information, included drivers license and social security number. The quote he got was amazingly inexpensive. He then authorized that agent to proceed with the policy. At the moment he gave the agent his credit card information, he told him that the price had tripled. My customer then questioned how that was possible. The agent told him it was because he hadn't checked the customer's credit and driving record until that moment.

I've heard this and many other stories like it. What is worse is the company sells you the policy at the 'unscored' rate (meaning they haven't checked your insurance credit score or driving record) and then the policy gets issued at the 'scored' rate which can be hundreds of dollars higher.

Moral of the Story

Before you approve the direct writing insurance company from taking your hard earn money, be sure and ask if he or she has run your:

  • credit,
  • CLUE report and
  • DMV motor vehicle report.

If the agent cannot guarantee that those reports have been received and used in the calculation of the premium, you cannot be guaranteed that the quote he gave you is the actual price you will be paying. Accuracy in quoting is extremely important when shopping for insurance. There is no excuse now, with the technology we have, for getting an inaccurate quote.

Paying insurance during tough economic timesYou've lost your job. Your hours have been cut back. You are on Oregon unemployment. Your unemployment benefits have not kicked in yet or you've passed the unemployment benefit period. Now it's time to make some really tough decisions. Which bills get paid first?

Food, shelter, clothing. Those are the essentials. Water and electricity may be next in the ranking of expenses. If you own your car out-right, in other words, you don't owe the finance company or bank on your car, then you don't have to pay a car payment. Next would be gas for the car and the car payment if you do owe money on it. Transportation costs are high, that's true. Gas prices are fluctuating wildly. Repair costs of your automobile can be as much as what your car is worth. Gambling on selling your car and buying another one may land you with even higher repair costs.

Together with the cost to operate your car in Oregon with gasoline, repairs and car payments is the cost of Oregon car insurance. You must figure in auto insurance as part of the total cost or leave your car at home. Leaving your car just parked is entirely an option either as Oregon law says if you have a registered car you have to keep insurance on it at all times. When you budget your limited resources and you are trying to figure out whether to drive your car or not, you need to figure in the auto insurance. Driving your car without insurance could cost you more than two years of car insurance.

That's right. Up to two years of car insurance. We figure that it will cost you at least $1,000 if you are caught driving without insurance in Oregon. Yes, $1,000! When you add up the cost of the

  • ticket ($150),
  • release certificate ($150 and $350 if you are caught in Lake Oswego),
  • towing costs ($250-$400),
  • storage fees ($25-$50 a day),
  • increased cost of insurance over the next three years ($300), and
  • bus fare home after the officer leaves you standing on the street corner ($5).

It will cost you just about a grand. If you keep your record clean and have decent credit, you can get your insurance for about $250 for six months. Hmmm... $1,000 to get your car out of impound most of which you've got to pay right now or spend that money on buying real protection in case you get in an accident. You can't afford not to spend the money on an Oregon car insurance policy.

Otherwise, you'd be better off riding the bus or carpooling with someone who has insurance. If you have insurance and are having difficulty in paying the bill, call us. We'll talk you through the options. Most companies have flexible grace periods. We'd be happy to help you through this tough economic time in any way we can. Let's see what options you have to save and where you can cut back. You may be paying for coverages you don't need. We can review your current policy or go over the coverages we quote you if you don't.

Don't get caught stranded on the street and watch your car get towed away. Oh, and if your car is a PO* car, and you think that just leaving with the tow company is an option. Think again. They will sue you in court for the cost to tow and store your vehicle. That's right. Sue you! They will calculate the cost of the tow and the daily storage rental charge for weeks or even months until your car has been sold. They will then subtract the sale price from their towing, storage and legal expenses and sue you for the difference. If you do get your car towed, get in there to the tow company and negotiate with them immediately. Turn in the title and pay them the difference. Racking up weeks and months of storage fees will only make your bad situation worse.

The reason why you are reading this blog post is because:Here is the cost of an SR22 in Oregon

A. You are bored and just randomly exploring the Internet,

B. You have gotten a ticket for no insurance and you got a letter that says you have to have and SR22 and you wanna know what the heck that is, how to get one and what's it going to cost,

C. You are working on a paper for high school, or

D. You love taking quizzes.

Man, if you randomly stuck "SR22 insurance in Oregon" in your search engine and you got this blog post, you really need to find something more interesting to explore, say, quantum physics or UFOs or something. If you are doing a research paper for a high school or college class, I welcome you. But, mamas, please don't let your baby's grow up to be insurance agents! If you like taking quizzes, then you are among friends. Especially the multiple choice ones.

Click here now to find out how much an SR22 costs for you.

However, if you really are here because you got one of those scary letters from the Oregon DMV that says you must have an SR-22 certificate or your driving privileges could be suspended, then you have come to the right place. READ ON!

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