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Low Cost Auto Insurance in Oregon

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InsureSource Agencies, LLC is an Independent Insurance Agency in Oregon that offers coverage from reliable and responsive auto insurance carriers. Because we have hand selected some of the finest companies autorized to do business in Oregon, we want you to pick the best company, one that competes for your business and properly takes care of your car insurance needs.

Call now for a Quote: 503-693-2852.

Quoting your policy couldn't be easier. We have the most sophisticated comparison software available on the market and you can get rates from multiple companies with one request. Or, you can Get a Quote Now from a Portland, Oregon area Independent Progressive Agent and compare for your self how Progressive stacks up to other companies. Unlike direct auto insurance companies you have to buy from over the phone, you will still have a local Oregon agent with a local Oregon office on your side! It's your choice! We give you choice!

Bad driving record or great driving record, either way we can give you the best rates available in Oregon. Our  car insurance carriers range from the big guys to the little guys, credit scored or not. This assortment of insurance companies gives you a variety of underwriting options. You would not get this choice from an agent selling for just one company or website sponsoring a single insurance carrier.

The secret trick to lower your auto insurance? You know the annoying ads you see on just about every website out there selling flash ads. If you go through the whole process to put all of your personal information into those sites, you will find there is no secret, there is no trick. They hope you have already forgotten that you were promised the secret trick. All they are doing is linking you to direct insurance companies websites and selling your information for leads to companies and agents.

Call us. We never sell your information. We don't lure you in with some promise of a trick to buy insurance for some outrageously low premium. There is no secret, no trick. Just solid, honest, verified quotes based on the most competitive pricing for the zip code where you live.

Insurance carriers select customers the way people choose their friends. They have rules of selection. Some companies don't mind if you have a few tickets or accidents. Others will boot you out of the insurance company if you pick up two tickets or an accident. Some car insurance companies will be happy to file an SR22 for you. Others won't give you the time of day or jack the rate way up just for needing a little piece of paper proving you have insurance. What's up with that? For us, it's no big deal. We can print you an SR-22 instantly! And, we can give it to you at no extra charge. NADA! Same price as the guy who doesn't need an SR22. That's service!

Just like picking your friends, we can help you pick the best company for you based on your needs, on who you are. How well does your agent know you?

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