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The reason why you are reading this blog post is because:Here is the cost of an SR22 in Oregon

A. You are bored and just randomly exploring the Internet,

B. You have gotten a ticket for no insurance and you got a letter that says you have to have and SR22 and you wanna know what the heck that is, how to get one and what's it going to cost,

C. You are working on a paper for high school, or

D. You love taking quizzes.

Man, if you randomly stuck "SR22 insurance in Oregon" in your search engine and you got this blog post, you really need to find something more interesting to explore, say, quantum physics or UFOs or something. If you are doing a research paper for a high school or college class, I welcome you. But, mamas, please don't let your baby's grow up to be insurance agents! If you like taking quizzes, then you are among friends. Especially the multiple choice ones.

Click here now to find out how much an SR22 costs for you.

However, if you really are here because you got one of those scary letters from the Oregon DMV that says you must have an SR-22 certificate or your driving privileges could be suspended, then you have come to the right place. READ ON!

Frequently a customer will call or come in to my office in Oregon and ask for a car insurance quote. Through the process I ask questions about other drivers in the household and discover the client has a wife or husband living in the household as well. The customer will often state that the spouse has his or her own insurance and wants to keep the policies separate.

Here is a perfect example of why you should insure all drivers and cars under the same policy in the household:

Friday, 13 January 2012 16:47

Low Cost Auto Insurance in Oregon

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InsureSource Agencies, LLC is an Independent Insurance Agency in Oregon that offers coverage from reliable and responsive auto insurance carriers. Because we have hand selected some of the finest companies autorized to do business in Oregon, we want you to pick the best company, one that competes for your business and properly takes care of your car insurance needs.

Call now for a Quote: 503-693-2852.

Quoting your policy couldn't be easier. We have the most sophisticated comparison software available on the market and you can get rates from multiple companies with one request. Or, you can Get a Quote Now from a Portland, Oregon area Independent Progressive Agent and compare for your self how Progressive stacks up to other companies. Unlike direct auto insurance companies you have to buy from over the phone, you will still have a local Oregon agent with a local Oregon office on your side! It's your choice! We give you choice!

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