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Kemper Specialty Auto Insurance

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InsureSource Agencies, LLC is proud to represent Alpha Property and Casualty Insurance Company in the State of Oregon. Alpha P&C is the underwriting company for Kemper Specialty Insurance.

You can call us for a Kemper Specialty (formerly Unitrin) quote at: 503-693-2852.

If you need to report a claim call: 1-800-234-3606

If you would like to call customer service dial: 1-888-342-6595

The website to Kemper Specialty is:

The Kemper Specialty has evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of automobile insurance buyers who love their cars. Originally operating under the single entity of Financial Indemnity Company and transition through the new millennium to their new name, there are now four companies working under the Kemper brand. Writing approximately 275,000 policies daily, they are a heavy player in their market.

In 1946 the original company name was Associated Veterans' Aircraft and Automotive Insurance Company. The company name was quickly changed to Financial Indemnity Company as insuring aircraft did not fit their business model.

The early mission of Associated Veterans' was to provide auto insurance to veteran's returning from World War II. The veterans came home to a whole new world. Before the war a car was a luxury. The factories which once served to produce machinery for the war were retooled and dedicated to the manufacture of automobiles. This put an car or pickup in reach of the returning soldier. However, many viewed the veteran as a "high-risk" driver and refused them coverage. A majority of the returning soldiers hadn't had a car, or even a driver's license before the war. Unitrin stepped in to assist these veterans with their auto insurance needs and get them on the road.

Kemper Specialty now has more than 8,000 agents throughout the United States and offers insurance coverage for both personal and commercial automobiles in at least 22 states. Based in Dallas, Texas they have regional offices in Woodland Hills, California and Salem, Oregon. With a strong independent agent network, Kemper Specialty is able to provide enhanced coverage and choice responding to the specialized needs of the Oregon driver.

Kemper, Inc. operates in many states under various subsidiary names depending on whether it is personal or commercial: Kemper Specialty (formerly Unitrin Specialty), Financial Indemnity Company, Valley Insurance, Kemper Auto and Home, Kemper Business Insurance, and finally Kemper Direct.

With an A.M. Best rating of "Excellent" and a Standard & Poor's rating of "A" this is a financially sound company that is a permanent fixture in the auto insurance industry.